Platinum Quartz | Quartz Stone
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Platinum Quartz

Platinum Quartz brings together the style and charisma of a natural stone surface with the durability and strength of one of nature’s hardest minerals – quartz.

With a collection of magnificent colours from nature’s palette, Platinum Quartz presents endless design possibilities for both traditional and modern kitchens, bathrooms, and living spaces.

Along with the beauty and charm of natural stone, Platinum Quartz surfaces provide low maintenance, high strength, and unsurpassed durability for the discerning home owner.

Our stone samples and slabs can be viewed at one of our selected stone installation specialists.

About Our Stone

– Non-porous

– High Scratch & Chip Resistance

– High Abrasion Resistance

– High Resistance to Staining

– High Flexural Strength

– High Resistance to Acid